Announcing Jumpstart Publisher Portfolio Support

dynamic campaigns on Jumpstart publisher portfolio
We are pleased to announce that display feeds are now supported for dynamic campaigns on the Jumpstart publisher portfolio.  Jumpstart, a division of Hearst Publishing, is the exclusive outlet for advertising on premium automotive publishers like Car & Driver and JD Power.

Users can create Jumpstart-formatted inventory feeds within the Custom Feeds tool.  You will see a new feed format option labeled “Jumpstart”.  There are no additional costs to create and use Jumpstart formatted feeds.  But you will need to contact Jumpstart directly to setup a new ad campaign on their portfolio.

Here are some details provided by our friends at Jumpstart, including who to contact for more information.

Put Your Inventory In-Front of Car Shoppers

Use Jumpstart Automotive Media’s dynamic ad technology to put your most relevant inventory in front of shoppers who are ready to buy now.

Jumpstart helps dealers:

  • Target and engage in-market shoppers
  • Place VIN-specific ads on related vehicle content pages
  • Move more metal

For more information, contact Aaron Nichols at 415-310-5065 or

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